Friday, 22 April 2011

Baby Steps

Practices of an Agile Developer (Neill Alexander) (Hunt Subramaniam)
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When you're driving on a long trip, does it make sense to hold the wheel firmly in one position, stare straight ahead, and then just floor the gas for a couple of hours? Of course not. You have to steer. You have to be constantly aware of traffic. You have to check your gas gauge. You have to stop for fuel, food, and other necessities, and so on.[30] Don't code for hours, or even minutes, without stopping to make sure you're on the right path---by testing what you produce. Instead, code in short increments. You'll find that coding in increments helps you refine and structure the code as you go along. The code is less likely to become complicated or messy; you build the code based on the on-going feedback from writing and testing in increments.

At university, there were people who used to code and code and code and code and code and code and code and code...

Then they'd hit the compile button and wonder why they had so many errors. A lot of them thought programming was 'too hard' because of this.

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