Sunday, 17 October 2010

Kindle Rocks!

Yes, I suck.

My Kindle arrived yesterday morning, and it is already my new favourite gadget. Not that I have any other newer gadgets, but you know what I mean. It rocks.

As soon as I powered it up and started reading through the supplied manual, I felt comfortable. One of the design goals was to make the Kindle disappear, so that you forget you are using it. Well, they succeeded! The e-Ink screen looks just like a page in a book and leads to a really immersive experience.

From my point of view Kindle has 2 killer features:
  1. The ability to highlight passages of text in a book for future reference. I love this. The ability to add notes is also pretty cool.
  2. Instant gratification. I love being able to buy books and have them instantly available to read. Sony missed a trick with their e-reader. I probably would have bought one if it had similar wireless capability.
In the space of 1 day I have become a complete Kindle convert. 

But what about my qualms about DRM, and Amazon lock in? Well, all I can say is that pragmatism trumped idealism. I was in the market for an e-reader, and Amazon provide the best all round e-reading experience on the market.

Besides, I'm pretty sure the DRM can be hacked if necessary. Hopefully it won't be necessary.

Come on Amazon, come on book publishers. Free the books. Make it even easier for me to give you my money.

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