Friday, 30 April 2010

Operation "Bad Apple"

For a long time Apple didn't really impinge on my consciousness. Any time I tried to use a Mac I went away feeling frustrated. A child of the Windows age, I'd grown up to love Linux through Ubuntu, and the Mac just seemed too alien.

That all changed when I saw the video where Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone.

I knew as soon as I saw that video that I wanted an iPhone. I stood in a queue on the day the original was released. And then, when the 3G version came out, I queued again to upgrade to it. The iPhone acted as a gateway drug to the world of Apple. I couldn't bring myself to use Windows on a day to day basis, so went out and bought a Mac Mini. And then, having drunk the kool aid, I went out and bought a Mac Air. I'd turned from sceptic to true believer through the seductive wiles of the iPhone.

And for a while I was happy. I moved all my development at home to my Macs. My Ubuntu machine went into semi-retirement. The whole "Unix with a friendly interface" thing appealed.

But that's all gone now. When Apple sued HTC for patent violations, it confirmed my suspicion that I had backed the wrong team. And so Operation "Bad Apple" began. I am gradually ridding myself of the bad Apple stench. I have ordered a custom build PC on which I intend to install Ubuntu 10.04. I've ordered a Acer 1810TZ for my portable computing needs. And I already have a HTC Desire.

In my brave new world I will do all my development on Ubuntu, I will write apps for Android, and I will never buy another Apple product again. As far as I'm concerned, Apple are no longer a company for developers.

I'm switching sides.

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