Saturday, 9 January 2010

Using iPhone Calendar and Remember the Milk

In a previous post I described my Remember the Milk set up. As part of my switch to RTM I moved all the entries from the Calendar app on my iPhone into RTM. This worked very well. The one problem I had was that there was no way to view future tasks easily. I wanted to be able to have a calendar view of upcoming tasks, something I could glance at quickly to determine if I was free at some future date.

The solution for this problem was to use the iCalendar feeds RTM provides to add certains tasks to Google Calendar. Then using Google Sync it was possible to synchronize Google Calendar with the calendar on my iPhone. The net result is that anything tagged with 'appointment' in RTM now automatically appears in my calendar. I don't enter anything directly into the calendar. I simply use the Calendar app on my phone as the calendar view the RTM app lacks.

The one problem I had setting this up was while adding the calendar to Google Calendar. For some reason it just wouldn't import. Other people have had this issue too. It took about 6 attempts to add the iCalendar feed to Google Calendar.

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