Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Link: Setting up Clojure on Ubuntu with Emacs

I found the following links which, if worked through in order, result in a working Clojure installation on Ubuntu, complete with Emacs:
In order to run the repl using JLine (to easily access history with key UP etc) I added the following to my .bashrc:
export CLOJURE_MAIN="jline.ConsoleRunner clojure.main"
Yes, that's right, I'm dipping my toes in the Emacs waters. To help navigate and avoid Ludovicians I'm using this cheat sheet:
Update 1: I've also found the following cheat sheet which provides a (what seems to be) fairly comprehensive reference to Emacs:
Update 2: I'm reverting to my original approach - learn Clojure using Enclojure / NetBeans.  Trying to learn Emacs and Clojure at the same time is too much for my little brain.

Update 3: Just so I have all links in one place, this is a really useful Clojure cheat sheet:
Oh yeah - and I'm back to using Emacs again!

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